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Shorts in the making

2010-08-01 23:22:26 by timberking

Well, I've taken some time off of the Sakazakis to make a series of flash shorts that have scripts that I wrote but never followed up on. These shorts are going to be out soon so stay tuned. Most of all they are going require the most work to actually develop. I might actually need a little help from my good friends Mrpickelnickel and mysteriousJay to get these flashes done. And for all the people that don't know, I'm actually using Flash MX to animate my flashes. Yep, old fashioned, bone tool-less Flash MX and come to think it actually is alot more fun. Well there's alot of work to be done and it's time to get to it! But, still, I am going to miss voicing Ash Crimson. Ah good times. And actually, I have been thinking about revamping the first Episode and releasing the updated version. Whoever wants to see the revamped first episode please respond to this message.


Shorts in the making


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2010-08-12 21:15:05

you now i want to see that done *winks* lol