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Devolopment of the Sakazakis: Ryo

2011-03-07 19:07:40 by timberking

I love tracking development in my art and on of the characters that got me the most with development was Ryo Sakazaki of the Sakazakis series. Ryo originally started with a really realistic portrait but he was hella ugly, his face was actually weird to look at because he was sad and terribly detailed. However, I was so lazy didn't make him do anything else other than blink. I didn't even use any lighting or shading which made me not really impressed with the first portraits. Later on in the first episode, he got some lighting added to his face but no shading which kinda ended up with a weird picture in the end. The lip synching was horrible because mouth was so damn big! Anyway, his face was kinda weird and I thought that the original Ryo kinda captured what I wanted to get off of the SNK Ryo Sakazaki, but even his hair didn't have any highlights, just flat yellow (ugh...)

The second was pretty cool compared to the original Ryo because he is more of a cartoon and less of a horror project that was probed by some sick freak that's out of his mind and thought that making a picture with an ugly blond guy was a good idea. One of the main issues with the inbetween Ryo was the line quality. It lacked sharpness, cleanliness and just showed a wobbly stylus artist trying to make a picture. He looks a little more anime in the second episode compared to the first and he has highlights. (YEAH!). This was the big change in his hair style because it got more exaggerated, (I mean his hair can fuckin' kill somebody, look at how sharp it is). This version of Ryo was pretty spot on as to what I wanted but it wasn't enough to actully capture the whole feeling behind Ryo's character (basically this mid twenty year old jobless karate junkie that mooches off of his dad's stuff).

The third episode was the closest I ever got to a good interpretation of Ryo as I saw him as he was way more laid back in this one than he was in the others. His facial expressions were actually more natural as he rarely went out of character when talking to the other characters. He's very chill in the third one and actually comes off as more of man-child in this one (having an extreme passion for presents and still runs like a maniac whenever it's Christmas). This version of Ryo was my favorite because of his cartoon expressions for planning and his excessive yelling at the right times. In this one Ryo actually has dark areas in his hair at around the bottom which making his hair stand out (more of his hair is also darker which make his blond hair look less natural).

Ryo Sakazaki was a pleasure to caricature and the whole burnout feel behind him was something that I really thought showed in his personality. And until next time, see ya!

Devolopment of the Sakazakis: Ryo


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