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Development of the Sakazakis: Mai's Chest

2011-03-12 20:30:54 by timberking

Mai Shiranui-Bogard as she was claimed to be in the Sakazakis series fell pray to another type of development in the series aside from Ryo and the other characters. Mai was first introduced in the second episode and basically a pair of boobs that just keep swinging while she talks, moves or just stands still. In this episode she didn't have much of a personality beyond those breasts and well, no one really allows her to develop in the second one because every one had different fantasies involving her. Eventually, all she really did was get spooked by Ryo spanking his monkey in a bush.

On the good side, she had a huge pair, that was pretty much the focus of the episode (hooray for perverts?) anyhow, other than that she didn't have as much dimension as other characters introduced in the episode (like Andy and even Terry). This does not really establish Mai as a character in the first appearance which was kind of a bummer. If she were to be characterized, you can say she's slutty or just that anime character that gets really worked up when everyone looks at her breasts but she's not doing a good job of covering them. Aside from that, here are some pics of her breasts in the second episode (the first four pictures at the top are from the second episode).

In the Christmas Special, Mai gained more of a personality and actually comes off as more of a nagging wife rather than just a girlfriend by dragging Andy everywhere, getting mad easy, and hating Andy's brother, Terry. Luckily, this allowed her to gain more depth as a character compared to the "Oh My, My, Mai" where she lacked. Sadly for all the little perverts out there, Mai's breasts have actually gotten smaller in the third episode (I goes the personality sucked all the silicone out...) and actually stopped swaying from side to side. What can I say, Mai seems like a more important character to the series as she does more of the talking for the Bogards while Andy is overreaching and Terry is shouting "Okay" at everything at sight. Mai's fan has also went missing and she seems to have subdued a little in emotions (cool, but I goes some people still would want the boobs over the brain and I can see why) not as high strung but still fiery in temper.

This was kinda cool to actually portray her differently, because Mai is usually described as being a happy go lucky girl that just happened to have few implants; she never is really anything else other than happy. In the Sakazakis, she stressed out and can get fired up at the drop of a hat. What can I say? The new Mai is kinda cool to me. The decrease in size was only a minor transition from the first to the second episode, her breasts kinda lose their importance in the Christmas Special because she really couldn't just be the "lady with big tits" for the big deal Christmas Episode. Anyhow, the bottom four pics show her in the Christmas Special (to some people's dismay). In short, if you think Mai's hot, this series is simply not for you.

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Development of the Sakazakis: Mai's Chest


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